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BoldClash carries only the top-quality products from the leading brands in the radio control industry. We test hundreds of RC aircraft and accessories before they are ever offered for sale on our website. Even when offering only top quality products, we know that there is the chance of an occasional defect or product issue. To that end, our manufacturers warrant that all products will be free from defects and be fully functional for 30 days from the time of purchase or delivery.

Please read the following warranty guidelines and restrictions carefully BEFORE you purchase:

Product Warranty Does Not Cover Aircraft Which Have Been Flown – Due to the complex nature of the RC hobby and the literally unlimited number of factors which can lead to flight mishaps, our manufacturers DO NOT offer a warranty on aircraft that have been flown. It is imperative that you perform all necessary pre-flight checks before flying your aircraft for the first time. Click Here for a step by step guide to performing proper pre-flight checks.

Product Warranty Does Not Cover Modified Products – Modifying the product in any way voids the warranty offered by our manufacturers. This includes painting, gluing, cutting, soldering, modifying electrical connectors on Motors / ESCs / Batteries, or modifying an aircraft airframe. If you attempt to return a product which has been modified, your warranty claim will be denied, and the product will be returned at your expense.

We Reserve The Right To Provide Replacement Parts – If you have purchased an aircraft and discover a defective part(s), BoldClash will provide the part or parts necessary to correct the issue and bring the aircraft to working condition. BoldClash will not provide a replacement aircraft in the event of a defective part(s). If the part you need is out of stock or unavailable as a spare part, BoldClash will provide a suitable replacement or special order the part from the manufacturer. Be sure to check the functionality and condition of ALL parts before assembling and gluing your aircraft, so parts replacement is possible. The customer is responsible for installing any and all replacement parts.

Manufacturers Require Evidence Of Warranty Defect – If you discover a product issue you will be required to provide photo and/or video evidence of the issue. We know this can be a bit inconvenient, however, this is a requirement of our manufacturers and will help ensure the timely processing of your warranty claim. For higher value items or more complex warranty cases, you will be required to return the product to BoldClash before a warranty claim will be authorized.

Certain “Fit And Finish” Imperfections Are Not Covered By Warranty – Small areas of missing paint, paint over-spray, slight warp in foam surfaces, gaps in foam beads, slight gaps between assembled foam pieces, and minor dents or dings in the foam surface will not affect the flight performance of the aircraft and, therefore, are not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. If you are unhappy with the fit and finish of your model, please keep all parts new and unassembled, keep all packaging, and contact BoldClash customer service to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA). Items returned without an RMA will be returned to the customer at their expense.

Electronic Part and Accessory Warranties Do Not Cover Loss Of Aircraft – Customer installed electronic products such as aircraft gyros, electronic speed controls, EDF power systems, LiPo batteries, receivers, and servos are covered by the standard BoldClash warranty. However, the warranty of these electronic products does not extend to the aircraft in which the product was installed, therefore, if the electronic part fails and a loss of aircraft occurs, only the electronic part will be eligible for warranty repair/replacement.

Clearance and Scratch & Dent Items Are NOT Covered By Warranty – All Clearance Items and “Scratch and Dent” merchandise are sold “AS IS” and are not covered by our warranty. Please read the product condition description carefully before purchasing these items.

If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please click here to contact the Motion Customer Support team and we will be happy to assist you.

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