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Home Micro Drone B03/B03pro Accessories Product Detail

BoldClash BWhoop B03 Pro-07 Battery Charger Set 300mah 35C/70C 1s 3.7v Lipo Battery*5 + 1 to 5 Charger Cable*5+USB Charger for B03 PRO B03 E011 32*17.3*9.0mm 9g

SKU: 4297000121
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Product Description

Dear customer:

Owing to the airline's restrictions, the battery can not be shipped in the near future. Only for our Chinese warehous, the U.S warehouse in shipping normally. In order to fully experience the fun of products, it's recommended that you can buy the 3* Batteries Version or Battery Charger Set directly.

As our B03 pro's battery was upgraded from 260mAh (original B 03's battery) to 300mAh when it released, but the coding and labeling didn’t keep up with it at that time. So the codes and labeling are still 260mAh now, and we apologize for our mistakes, we will correct it in the next batch. Notice is hereby given. 


Here are the Customer Test Review and Test Videos:

BWhoop B03 Pro's 300mAh battery Capacity Test (We suggested to set safe discharge voltage to 3.7V.)It shows like:4.2V-3.0V: Discharge 315mAh.

Actually our B03 pro's 260mAh (labeling and coding all wrong before 2017/11/27) is same capacity as the 300mAh (coding wrong before 2017/11/27, labeling right).

Customer Review 300mah Capacitiy Test



1. High quality and rechargeable performance
2. Brand new and high quality
3. Lightweight, durable, practical and convenient to use
4. High capacity and long life span
5. Fast charge and discharge rate for your requirements


Basic Information
1. Model: B03 Pro-07
2. Suitable for: BWhoop B03 PRO, B03, E011
1. Battery Brand: BoldClash
2. Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
3. Battery Suitable for: BoldClash BWhoop B03 PRO,B03,E011
4. Battery Dimensions: (1.26 x 0.68 x 0.35)" / (3.20 x 1.73 x 0.90)cm (L x W x H)
5. Battery Weight: 0.32oz / 9.00g
6. Battery Charging Plug: MCPX Plug

Package Includes:

5 x 300mAh 1s 3.7v Lipo Batteries
1 x 1-to-5 Multi-charger
1 x USB Cable  


Q:How to maintain and charge lipo battery in a most proper way?

A:Dear customer, Please refer to the following:

    1. Not charge the battery immediately after using. Let the battery rest for 5 minutes before charging. 

    2. Do not reverse the positive and negative pole. Ensure the connection is in place and prevent the battery from burning out caused by short circuit. 

    3. If the battery is expanded, you should replace a new one. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause an explosion.

    4. Use voltage buzzer to test the voltage.

          If the battery is 3.6V voltage, it shows that it is in the state of over discharge, which is easy to be damaged.

          When the battery is not used for a long time, it’s advisable to keep the voltage at 3.8V/ cell.

Study Video for Battery Maintenance and Charging:



by tihomir kopajtic on February 13, 2018

good and fast very nice item on good price.

by Kenny Hinkle on February 06, 2018

Good batteries. I get around 3.5 to 4 mins on B03 running the camera/canpoy from Boldclash.

by Holger Naumann on October 13, 2017

Yes, really great batteries. My Silverware flashed BWhoop B-03 runs with the F-02 25mW camera up to 5,5 minutes and then my charger charges them with 300 to 350 mAh.

by wayne couch on September 29, 2017

Great batteries , they run my B-03 pro with 25 mw cam really well.
The only real problem is that I want more and they are OUT OF STOCK, PLEASE STOCK MORE OF THESE AND THE 70000 RPM 716 MOTORS ASAP.
your losing money lol

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