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Boldclash 3.3V 5V ST-LINK V2 Programmer with 20cm Dupont Wire

Suitable for B03/B03pro without welding/Convenient to flash silverware

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Product Description


  • Note the order of the wires when inserting the flash device. If the wire order is incorrect,  flashing will not be successful.
  • Note that the flight control should be connected to the power supply when flashing.
  • Add a download link for the driver on the page. Generally speaking, the driver does not need to be installed. But when it is found that the indicator light does not normally turn on after the  flash device connects to the computer USB port, it is necessary to reinstall the driver.


  • 1. Use aluminum alloy U disk shell to install internal motherboard.

  • 2. The interface definition is directly marked on the enclosure.

  • 3. 5V, 3.3V at the same time to provide external use, convenient for you to connect 5V and 3.3V target board.

  • 4. The shell characters use laser engraving, never fade off and permanent clarity.

  • 5. The internal motherboard with 500MA self recovery fuse, completely protect your expensive computer motherboards.

  • 6. Red and blue double color LED indicator lamp, it is convenient for you to observe the working state of ST-LINK V2 at all times.

  • 7. Distribution dupont wire, so that you can easily deal with the wire sequence of different target board.

  • 8. The outer packing is made of anti-static bag and sealed pack by automatic sealing machine. It is safe and reliable and not afraid of static electricity or water.


  • 1. Support a full range of STM32 SWD interface debugging, 4 wire interface simple (including power), fast speed, work stability; interface definition shell is directly marked.

  •  2. Support a full range of STM8 SWIM download debugging (common development environment such as IAR, STVD and so on are supported); support software version is as follows:


    1) XTW LINK ST Utility 2.0 and above

    2) STVD 4.2.1 and above

    3) STVP 3.2.3 and above

    4) IAR EWARM V6.20 and above

    5) IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and above

    6) KEIL RVMDK V4.21 and above 6 and above

  • 3. Support firmware automatic upgrade, factory firmware has been upgraded to the latest V2.J17.S4.

  • 4. Increase the 5V power output, output I / O port are protected, not afraid of operating mistakes caused by LINK, ST, V2 damage.

  • 5. The interface uses pure copper gold-plated 2.54 space simple ox horn socket with 20CM Dupont wire

  • 6. Using U aluminum alloy shell to protect the motherboard

  • 7. With data package, data contains:


    1) XTW, LINK, ST, V2 driver;

    2) KEIL, MDK (4.60) development environment (and other common development environment)

    3) IAR, STM8 (1401) development environment (and other common development environment)

    4) STVD STM8 development environment (and other common development environment)

    5) A number of classic STM32 data (including a large number of examples of source code and video tutorials)

    6) A number of classic STM8 data (including a large number of examples of source code and learning experience)

Package included

  • 1 x 3.3V 5V XTW ST-LINK V2 STM8 / STM32 programmer

  • 1 x 20cm dupont wire

  • 1 x 3pin B03-Dedicated Wire

Related links

Silverware WIKI

Windows Software

Keil MDK

STLink Utility

Command Line Building/Flashing Tool by Phoboss (for those who like to avoid Keil as far as possible)


Silverware Tools for MacOS (by Simon Ernst)



by Ludwig W on December 14, 2018

cheap ST Link. The 3pin B03-Dedicated Wire ist very nice because you not have to build a solution to connect your board to the ST Link. Its Plug and play ! Easy. Thank You.

by my j on December 06, 2018


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