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By Floris van der Bel
September 18, 2018
best motors yet ! ...View All>>
By Florian Dupoisot
June 2, 2018
Simple perfect. Best poser full ...View All>>
By Oswald Kienapfel
June 1, 2018
Very good for B06 except I need to solder the 1.00mm socket on to motor instead of the 1.25. Maybe my order was not clear on which ones I need, however I am flying FPV with these great motors. ...View All>>
By Kevin Langlois
May 30, 2018
Insane motors ! Here them in action https://youtu.be/ZLOGfESiAD4 I need more ! ...View All>>
By Tim Bain
May 17, 2018
Great little motors, great price and great quick delivery time,what more can I say...Thank you Boldclash! ...View All>>
By Colton Schmidt
April 28, 2018
Just swapped my stock 14000kv motors for these 19000kv motors in my B05 ! So much more punch than the stockers! Paired with 1S LIHV batteries it completly transformed my whoop. But its totally worth the trade off as it behaves much like a larger quad now. You won't be disappointed! ...View All>>
By Jennifer Biddle
April 23, 2018
Great little motors. I bought these to upgrade motors on BWhoop B06. Coreless brushed motors are 16mm can long and shaft length 5mm long. Most importantly , the shaft size of this motor is about 0.8mm. This will make installing props a bit more difficult. But they work amazing. ...View All>>
April 22, 2018
These motors breathed new life into my Boldclash. It nows flies better than it did new! These coreless brushed motors do not get hot, that seems to have been a good thing though as it now has more power and is rock steady. Fits well. ...View All>>
By Tim Bain
April 17, 2018
Great upgrade motors for the eachine e011 at a very good price ...View All>>
By Matthew Felts
April 17, 2018
Received all the coreless motors functioned well. These are great motors. Great products and Great customer service! Highly recommend Boldclash for all your whoop needs! These motors are fantastic. My B06 is so fast now I love it. ...View All>>
Boldclash Power Systems include all kind of material you might need to get power to your drone, Ranging from Brushless Motor to drone batteries and all the needed wiring harness, the Power System sellection should get you covered.

The Right Conditiond of drone Power Systems
It would be a good idea to try and fly the drone in the right weather conditions. The reason we stress on the conditions is because, if you fly the drone in adverse conditions such as cold or rainy weather there is a chance that it can put a stress on the battery.
The drone will take more effort to fly which can compromise the battery life substantially. It would be wise to fly your drone during fair weather as it allows you to both enjoy the experience and fly for a longer time.
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