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By Davide Azelio
April 20, 2019
good micro, but the propellers are very poor quality ...View All>>
By Robert Parsons
April 20, 2019
Got these motors to upgrade after installing BoldClash F02H Pro FPV Micro AIO Camera. Works vary well to handle the extra load of the camera. Flight times are obviously cut shorter. Will have to do a battery upgrade next. Camera works great with my goggles. ...View All>>
By steve jordan
April 19, 2019
Nice cheap upgrade for the drone.Nice. ...View All>>
By steve jordan
April 19, 2019
Good upgrade.A little more Zip for the Whoop.Make's a difference.I like them. ...View All>>
By steve jordan
April 19, 2019
The drone is awesome,I've upgraded motors ,goggles'jumper.Fly's awesome indoor's and out. ...View All>>
By Rohan Spector
April 10, 2019
Fantastic little drone.. I've had a bunch of similar style and the bwhoop pro beats them all hands down.. With the upgraded motors and f02h pro camera, none of the modifications need any soldering because everything has plugs, so they're a perfect entry level fpv whoop that is fast enough to compete with much more expensive brands.. SO MUCH FUN!! ...View All>>
By Michael Morgan
March 28, 2019
Amazing! The B03 Pro is a fantastic quadcopter. My first was the B03 with altitude hold. BWHOOPS! I moved up to the pro model after a couple of weeks for true "angle" mode flying. Easy. later I bound the B03 Pro to a Jumper T12 transmitter. Mind blown! I am stunned at how well it flies! AND I am about to flash a new B03 Pro with Silverware for FULL ACRO mode! Ordering and shipping with Boldclash has been smooth and easy. I recommend this quadcopter. ...View All>>
By Pedro Fiallegas Blazquez
January 29, 2019
Este drone es perfecto para aprender a volar un drone, es rápido y resistente, muy recomendado para interiores, en exterior se puede volar los dias que hay poco aire. Muy contento con esta compra ...View All>>
By Rohan Spector
December 18, 2018
Awesome motors!! Way faster than the standard bwhoop motors! Definitely much more power for carrying a camera.. Combine these motors with a b03 pro and a f02h pro camera, and you've got yourself a bloody good little whoop for a fantastic price ...View All>>
By Abel Acosta
October 29, 2018
Excellent machine indoors and out. Lots of pull good battery flight time. You can't hurt the thing. My favorite! ...View All>>
Do you find remote control drone? Here, Boldclash makes a great drone model with BWhoop B03 for you, Boldclash is your loyal friend and will not let you down. You will come back with fruitful results.

B03 advantage
– Good appearing whoop competition.
– Consists of alitiude grip.
– Blending its manageable air travel qualities along with altitude accommodate makes this a good quadcopter for newbie pilots.
– Once again, that includes a cam energy port, allowing very easy conversion of the to an FPV flier along with an AIO FPV camera.
Most toy drones are small, light, and designed to fly safely indoors. Their size and basic technology make them difficult to control outside, especially when there's wind.
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