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by Alfonso Camargo on March 12, 2019

Installed this FC on the original B06 77mm frame only to discover that the 2 front motor connectors are partly under the frame, so there's no way to plug them in. Also, the updated motors with the retaining ring DO NOT fit the original B06 77mm frame either. I don't know why they advertise on here that the from will work. I had to order a Mobula7 V2 75mm frame and it all went in nicely. Not perfect, but it works. Besides the above, I was able to flash the latest BetaFlight firmware on the FC, and also able to make some adjustments to the ESCs in BLheli configurator and now it's awesome. It's very fast and flies very nice. 4 stars because of the fitment issues, but otherwise 5 stars. Boldclash, please update your info and design a frame that will fit this FC

by Kevin Langlois on January 25, 2019

Loving this F4 FC , perfect for the new era 0802 19000kv motors for 65mm build on 1s batterie ! its a must to have !

by Ludwig W on January 16, 2019

The perfomance of the F4 board is good. It works perfect with the Boldclash F02 pro AIO cam. Smartaudio is no problem. All you have to do is soldering one cable from the VTX to the TX2 of the board and assign the correct UART TBS Smart Audio in betaflight.The 1 x JST 1.0 4P Line alows you to easy plug in and out your AIO F02 cam. The firmeware for this board is MATEKF411(current version: 3.5.5). This board also supporte 0802 motors and of course frsky receivers(XM+, RXSR....). All in all a good and cheap F4 brushless board. A version with 2s compatibility would be awesome !! Here is a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDKyBDedb40&t=82s

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