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by Javier Onis Gorgojo on June 06, 2018

The best thing about this fpv camera is that it comes completely assembled in its canopy, just plug and play. Its total weight is less than 6grm and it has a clarity and great image quality for its price. It also includes two spare pig-tail antennas and screws to mount your canopy in different drones. Your canopy has a button to change your channels very easily. The only downside is that its angle of the camera is fixed, about 10 degrees. Totally recommended.

by Thomas Linke on May 18, 2018

Tolle Kamera! Sehr gutes Bild. Der Empfang könnte nicht besser sein. Ich bin rundum zufrieden

by Tim Bain on May 13, 2018

Very nice cam/canopy combo and very fast service to the UK

by Daniel Ewing on April 30, 2018

Excellent picture quality, better than my other AIO cams. Soldered the 4 pin jst to my beecore v2, screwed down the canopy/cam to my tiny 7, all the holes lined up perfectly. It's really nice having a cam with canopy that didn't require glue, tape or rubber bands! And it's really straight and doesn't move, i love it! Worth every dollar.

by Alexandre Leblanc on April 27, 2018

Great combo that look awesome, just order another one with some 19000kv motors.

by Tim Bain on April 23, 2018

Great little camera/canopy and a very quick delivery time,so good I am just about to order another one

by Randy Kralka on April 16, 2018

This little camera is something that micro whoop quadcopter builders can wish. It is covered by light plastic canopy, low and light, but sturdy enough to protect camera and antenna from usual bashing against things and from dirt getting in.

by Eddie Ramos on April 07, 2018

Very beautiful modeled canopy. The image quality of the camera is perfect. only request to make it a little lighter. And when you connect to the existing connector of B03pro, the distance to the foundation is close, so it will be short-circuited. Devices are necessary. Great camera canopy. Fits perfectly B03pro.

by Geraldine Hash on April 01, 2018

The camera works great, and ups the bar on coordination of eye, hand, and brain. Great canopy, super durable, VTX works great, camera could be better, but still great overall product. I use it daily on 5 different Whoop style drones.

by christal garcia on March 25, 2018

Kinda big to fly around through the house though. Read reviews and saw this canopy/camera setup and thought it would be the way to go, as it protects the camera too. This little camera is great. Hooked it up to my B03 Pro in just a couple minutes. It plugs right in on the board of the quad. Just use the far right two pins to plug it into. Have to bump the quad up to higher setting with the extra weight, but it still flies great, best of my "ducted" quads by far . . . and now, it has an FPV camera. Whoop!

by bryan smyth on March 14, 2018

This is a beginner's camera, suitable for Bwhoop B03 pro,B03, B06, Inductrix, E011,TINY7 / 5.5g. Bought this camera to fly FPV with my Boldclash B03 Altitude drones. I've done several flights with mine over a week's time, and am only now getting some control.

by kevin wells on February 17, 2018

Love Love Love

by kevin wells on February 15, 2018

Love Love Love

by Kenny Hinkle on February 06, 2018

Very satisfied with combo. There are better camera's but this is plug and play on my 03 whoop. The combo could be alot cheaper.

by tihomir kopajtic on December 28, 2017

good and fast

by Dwight Stone on December 11, 2017

I bought one of these cameras for my B-03 Whoop. I liked it so much I bought two more cameras, 2 - B-03 Whoops and 2 - Battery sets for my grandchildren to learn and have fun with. The B-03 and the Boldclash batteries and charger are unbeatable in price and value. I hope to fly FPV inside all winter while it snows outside.

by Vidar Nikolaisen on December 04, 2017

The best and most duarable whoop camera i have own. I have crashed into doors,walls and more.But the camera havent got a scratch yet! The picture and sharpness in the camera is also very good. For the price and quality this is a winner! :)

by Dwight Stone on November 27, 2017

Nice camera and canopy. Fits my Bwhoop B03. Nice.

by FERRY Laurent on November 24, 2017

Produit fabuleux livraison ultra rapide en France ... Je conseil absolument !!! c'est le top des tiny le b06 !! regardez ma vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p43ml7zZGg

by Ian Parker on October 29, 2017

My Bwhoop looks really sexy with this canopy .. the camera is very clear indeed and the range is awesome!!

by Adrian Devlin on October 20, 2017

Very good camera. Well protected, trust me I've tested it (all down to my brilliant flying skills :P). Actually not bad reception considering the antenna. Think I'll get few more of these to replace some of my other whoop AIOs. It also fits several models and comes with appropriate screws

by Holger Naumann on October 13, 2017

This is the best PnP Camera for all Whoops whether with 31 or 40 mm propellers. Makes a good picture. The nice looking canopy has one handicap: The switch for changing frequencies is the highest point of the canopy and if you touch the ceiling or a table from below the VTX frequency changes and your screen turns black. My solution was to cut the plastic above the button just a bit so that the button no longer protrudes.

by Eric Webb on September 26, 2017

This is a great looking canopy have it mounted on my bwhoop pro can't wait to test the durability of it the camera seems have good image in my goggles will do a test flight soon thanks boldclash

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