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By Andrés Lasheras
October 6, 2018
I love this drone, it's easy to drive and fun. The delivered fasted.i have the posibility to upgrade the features. ...View All>>
By Pavels Alefirenko
October 4, 2018
this ok ...View All>>
By Floris van der Bel
September 18, 2018
best motors yet ! ...View All>>
By Goberti Zeno
September 7, 2018
PERFEKT ...View All>>
By Goberti Zeno
September 5, 2018
Very nice. Very sturdy. ...View All>>
By Mark Whitaker
August 27, 2018
Love this thing. It is so much fun an very tough. I recommend these to anyone starting or for just a fun little machine to get stick time with. ...View All>>
By anderas anastasopoulos
August 25, 2018
good and fast for indoor space I would like to find a little quicker with a moto 25,000 7x16 I tried and outdoors on a beach with wind 5 Beaufort Difficult to handle but I stood had a problem with the sand with the engines for its price is very good ...View All>>
By Syarief Maulana
August 20, 2018
Best!!! ...View All>>
By Riad Irias
August 13, 2018
It shipped about 2 weeks! Good motor. My whoop flying Melehoy and Indehoy, Mantap! ...View All>>
By Jeff Stucker
July 19, 2018
love these motors,.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b2sqiHydMw&t=18s ...View All>>
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