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Fish01 1S ESC-FC Tower Frsky/16*16 mm/5.24g/SUBS/4-in-1 4A Blheli_S/Dshot 600/Built-in Receiver

Fishpepper design/16*16 mm 5.24g /SUBS 4-in-1 4A Blheli_S ESC/Dshot 600/Built-in SBUS 8CH Receiver for Frsky X9D X7

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Product Description

BoldClash FISH01 ESC FC Instruction.pdf


  1. Super light for indoor brushless FPV racing.

  2. Bulit-in receiver for Frsky x9d x7.

  3. Support BLHeli-S firmware D-shot 600(default) 300, Oneshot, Multishot.

  4. Regenerative breaking.

  5. Switched to efm8bb21 (pin compatible).

  6. Better tabs (you can now solder from the side).

  7. Support Current, Voltage Monitoring.

  8. Changed vreg to 3.1V.


  1. Brand Name: BoldClash

  2. Model: FISH FC01 V1

  3. Item Name: Micro F3 Flight Control Built-in SUBS Receiver for X9D Plus X7 suitable for BWhoop B05

  4. CPU: STM32F303

  5. Gyro: MPU-6000 SPI

  6. Mounting Hole: 16x16mm, 16x16mm, M2(Hole-to-hole Spacing)

  7. Receiver: 2.4G Receiver

  8. Channel: 8CH

  9. Output: SUBS

  10. Control Range: 200m

  11. Compatible with: Frsky X9D Plus X7 Transmitter

  12. Size (PCB): 20x20 mm

  13. Color: Black

  14. Weight: 1.7g ( including antenna)

Package Includes:

1 x BoldClash FISH01
2 x Power Wires (jst PH2.0 & 2.0 to 2.0)
1 x User Manual


All credit goes to tinyFISH FC for the design and illustrations,is under the CERN open
hardware license v1.2. If you want more information, pls click :
(ESC:tinyPEPPER v0.5 FC:tinyFISH FC v0.2b)

Please note that this board is for 1S operation only. Do not even try 2S, the board will
be immediately releasing all it’s magic smoke and stop working…


Q1: How to solve one of the problems that cannot connect to BF?

A1: Dear customer, please connect the battery before connect the BF,because B05 flight control is designd by fishpepper,in order to make it smallest and lightest,it reducing the USB power conversion module.

Q2: How to setup the Flight Control USB driver ?

A2: Dear customer, If you can not connect the flight control through the above steps and you can’t see the new COM port, you can try to use these two drive repair tools:


ImpulseRC driver fixer

Thanks for Albert Kim’s share, there is a tutorial on the usage of these two tools:

Q3: How to deal with the problem of flight drift of the aircraft ?
A3: Dear customer, you need to calibrate it in betaflight, three ways are possible :

1. Setup Calibrate Accelerometer.

How to deal with the problem of flight drift of the aircraft.jpg

2. Enter " gyro_lpf = 188HZ " in CLI, and then save.

How it can be calibrated in Betaflight to solve the problem of flight drift.jpg

3. Please see Joshua Bardwell Whoop calibration video:

Q4: How to solve the remote control display"Sensor Lost" ?

A4: Dear customer, please refer to this method,

Another 2 ways to solve sensor lost Fishpepper 1S

Q5: What kind of remote control can be used in different receiver versions ?
Dear customer, the user needs to check the remote control instructions. The instructions will show you whether it supports this receiver mode(such as sbus, ppm, etc) or not, and it will show you how to switch to the receiver's mode.

Q6: How to deal with the abnormal binding?

(Aircraft that binding success but can't use remote control is not included)
Dear customer, please refer to the following operation:

1. Measure the voltage between GND and 3V3. If the battery is between 3-5V,

it means that it's not the problem of the flight control power supply.

It might be the problem of the receiver, and the receiver needs to be replaced.

2. If the voltage between GND and 3V3 is below 3V or above 5V, the problem is in the fight control and you need to replace the flight control.

The following is the normal performance of binding:

XM FM800 DSM FS-RX2A Receiver Bind

F3 Flight Controller Built-in ESC.jpg

Q7: After the remote control and receiver is binding successful (receiver light and sound is normal), how to deal with the problem of remote control can't control the aircraft or can't control aircraft after reflash the firmware?
Dear customer, in general, it's caused by the incorrect flight control terminal parameter adjustment. You need to adjust it in the corresponding receiver mode of Betaflight. You can refer to the 4 kinds of receivers binding of B06 and BF settings(B06 FAQ Q8-Q13).



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