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Home Micro Drone Brushless Whoop Product Detail

BoldClash BWhoop B05 V1 Worlds Lightest Brushless Micro FPV Racing Drone

Worlds Lightest 22g (Without Batery)/ 4-6 Minutes/ 0703 15000KV

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Product Description

Video Reviews

BoldClash BWhoop B05 Explosion diagram


This BoldClash Bwhoop B05 V1 5.8G BNF Brushless F3 Dshot 600 ESC FPV Drone Quadcopter is the Worlds' Lightest race drone. It features 4-6 minutes FPV flight time, so you can play it with a short waiting time. And it has a safer indoor flight protection. Made of high-quality material, it is durable and sturdy for to play a long time. What is more, it has a built-in SBUS receiver for Frsky X9D, X7 etc. Come and play with it.


  • BNF brushless FPV racing quadcopter.
  • 4-6 minutes FPV flight time.
  • With cam & transmitter FPV AIO.
  • Safer indoor flight protection.
  • Powerful Thrust.
  • Blheli_S Dshot 600 default.
  • Built-in SBUS receiver for Frsky X9D, X7 etc.
  • Carbon Composite Material Strong as 3K Pure Carbon but with its 1/2 weight only.


  • Model: Bwhoop B05
  • Flying Weight: 32g (With Battery), 22g (Without Batery)
  • Dimensions: (3.82 x 3.82 x 1.73)" / (9.70 x 9.70 x 4.40)cm (L x W x H)
  • Wheel Base: 65mm
  • Propeller: 40mm
  • Max Tiltable Angle: 360°
  • Flight Time: 4-6 Minutes
  • Brushless ESC: BoldClash Fish ESC01 4A 1s
  • Battery: 3.7V 350mAH 25C 1S Lipo
  • Brushless Motor: 0703 15000KV
  • Flight Control:  BoldClash Fish FC01 SP Racing F3 V1
  • Receiver: FrSky Compatible S-BUS Receiver
  • Image Transmission: BoldClash F-01 5.8G Real-time Transmission (48 Channels Race Bind), 25MW 3.1g
  • Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C


  • Horizontal Resolution: 600TVL
  • System Format: PAL/NTSC
  • Lens Angle: H: 120°/V: 100°
  • Optical Spec: 1/4'' (CMOS)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Race Drone
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Rubber Band
  • 1 x Extra Prop.(set)
  • 1 x Shock Absorber Set



In general, if the motor is not being badly hit, it's not easy to bulge. However, if the motor is bulgy, you can remediate it by using the following method.  Link: Vulnerable Parts of Motor Dear customer, the weight of the motor is less than 1.9g, which is tiny and frail. Therefore, the blades need special protection when they are installed. Please install it in accordance with the requirement. ...

IntroductionsDo you need a powerful and durable battery for your remote control toy? Here we are so excited to recommend this BoldClash BWHOOP B05-04 Battery to you. With high capacity and stable performance, the battery can provide your remote control toy with continuous and long-lasting energy. Additionally, it is easy to use and install. With light weight, this battery will not add too much weight to your toy. Furthermore, its low price and high quality can attract a lot of budge...

Video Reviews Introductions Miniature and lightweight, the Boldclash F-01 5.8GHz TX Camera AIO Combo 3.1g AV TX 48CH Power Supply 2.9V-5.5V jst 1.25 male is a 2-in-1 TX camera combo tailored for FPV applications. It captures clear and sharp images with stunning details. Wide angle lens covers a broader view. LED indicators to display channel, frequency gr...

Customer Reviews:Boldclash B05 tinyfish brushless build log from parts based on fishpepper designBoldclash Bwhoop b05 frame and brushless 0703 motors initial reviewFeatures:1. Have an electrostatic bag or plastic sealed bag in it2. The head cover and base is fragile, need to special protection3. Ultra-light composite material, hardness is equivalent to 3 k pure carbon4. The packaging is kraft paper boxes or other protective packaging Specifications:1. Brand: BoldClash2. Type: BWhoop B05 Spa...

Introductions:Get high quality parts for your quadcopter here at our website! The BoldClash BWHOOP B05-05 Silicone Damper Set includes silicone dampers for motor and O-rings for flight controllers. High density silicone dampers not only absorb shock and vibration to ensure improved precision and control but also offer extra protection.Crafted from high-grade materials, it is durable for long-lasting use while remaining lightweight. And it is easy to install. We highly recommend it to...


Q1: How to check the problem of motor does not rotate?

A1: Dear customer, please connect the non-rotating motor to other rotating motors to see if they can be turned.

1. If it turns, it may problem of flight controller.

2. If not, it may problem of motor.

Once we confirm the problem, we will offer the proper solution asap for you.

Q2: How to deal with the BWhoop B05 Driver's Problem ?

A2: Dear customer, please refer to this method,

How to deal with the BWhoop B05 Driver's Problem

Q3: How to Flash Firmware BWhoop B05 ?

A3: Dear customer, please refer to this method,

How to Flash Firmware BWhoop B05

Q4: How to solve one of the problems that cannot connect to BF?

A4: Dear customer, please connect the battery before connect the BF,because B05 flight control is designd by fishpepper,in order to make it smallest and lightest,it reducing the USB power conversion module.

Q5: How to setup the Flight Control USB driver ?

A5: Dear customer, If you can not connect the flight control through the above steps and you can’t see the new COM port, you can try to use these two drive repair tools:


ImpulseRC driver fixer

Thanks for Albert Kim’s share, there is a tutorial on the usage of these two tools:

Q6: How to deal with the problem of flight drift of the aircraft ?
A6: Dear customer, you need to calibrate it in betaflight, three ways are possible :

1. Setup Calibrate Accelerometer.

How to deal with the problem of flight drift of the aircraft.jpg

2. Enter " gyro_lpf = 188HZ " in CLI, and then save.

How it can be calibrated in Betaflight to solve the problem of flight drift.jpg

3. Please see Joshua Bardwell Whoop calibration video:

Q7: How to solve the remote control display"Sensor Lost" ?

A7: Dear customer, please refer to this method,

Another 2 ways to solve sensor lost Fishpepper 1S

Q8:How to replace the B05 porp ?

A8:Dear customer, please refer to video:

The weight of the motor is less than 1.9g, which is tiny and frail. Therefore, the blades need special protection when they are installed. Please install it in accordance with the requirements:

M0703 M0705 instruction.jpg

Q9: How to judge whether the blade is installed correctly ?

A9: Dear customer, please refer to PDF:

How to judge whether the blade is installed correctly

Q10: What kind of remote control can be used in different receiver versions ?
Dear customer, the user needs to check the remote control instructions. The instructions will show you whether it supports this receiver mode(such as sbus, ppm, etc) or not, and it will show you how to switch to the receiver's mode.

Q11: How to deal with the abnormal binding?

(Aircraft that binding success but can't use remote control is not included)
Dear customer, please refer to the following operation:

1. Measure the voltage between GND and 3V3. If the battery is between 3-5V,

it means that it's not the problem of the flight control power supply.

It might be the problem of the receiver, and the receiver needs to be replaced.

2. If the voltage between GND and 3V3 is below 3V or above 5V, the problem is in the fight control and you need to replace the flight control.

The following is the normal performance of binding:

XM FM800 DSM FS-RX2A Receiver Bind

F3 Flight Controller Built-in ESC.jpg

Q12: After the remote control and receiver is binding successful (receiver light and sound is normal), how to deal with the problem of remote control can't control the aircraft or can't control aircraft after reflash the firmware?
Dear customer, in general, it's caused by the incorrect flight control terminal parameter adjustment. You need to adjust it in the corresponding receiver mode of Betaflight. You can refer to the 4 kinds of receivers binding of B06 and BF settings(B06 FAQ Q8-Q13).



by Carl Mitchell on April 17, 2018

It is almost unbreakable. The camera takes very good video, flying weight only 32g. It is easy to fly and affordable. I strongly reccomend my friend to buy one too.

by Johnny Stringer on April 06, 2018

I love this drone, very stable fast, the bad is that it has short reach althought it can be modified. The quick shipping, everything else very good.

by Cydfred Jun Italia on April 03, 2018

Good product and fast shipping, quality and flies well.

by Alan Hickey on March 22, 2018

Starting from performance and price is what I wanted.

by Dawn Koprowski on March 06, 2018

I've ordered this quadcopter to use it indoors during the long winter season. It is built very nicely, the shell looks robust and durable.

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