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BoldClash BWhoop B03 Pro-10 Battery Charger Set 300mah 1s 3.7v Lipo Battery*6 w/ P01 WhooPower1S LIHV/LIPO Intelligent Charger

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Product Description

As our B03 pro's battery was upgraded from 260mAh (original B 03's battery) to 300mAh when it released, but the coding and labeling didn’t keep up with it at that time. So the codes and labeling are still 260mAh now, and we apologize for our mistakes, we will correct it in the next batch. Notice is hereby given. 


Here are the Customer Test Review and Test Videos:

BWhoop B03 Pro's 300mAh battery Capacity Test (We suggested to set safe discharge voltage to 3.7V.)It shows like:4.2V-3.0V: Discharge 315mAh.

Actually our B03 pro's 260mAh (labeling and coding all wrong before 2017/11/27) is same capacity as the 300mAh (coding wrong before 2017/11/27, labeling right).

Customer Review 300mah Capacitiy Test



This combination is set up for the Bwoop B03 Pro rechargeable battery pack with the flying hobby. P01 WhooPower1S charger support a charge 6 B03 Pro-01 lithium battery, charging time is greatly shortened users.


1. Brand: BoldClash
2. Model: BWhoop B-03 Pro-10
3. Suitable for: BWhoop B03 Pro, B03, E011 
4. Battery Capacity: 3.7V 300mAh 35C/70C
5. Battery Cell: 6 Pieces
5. Battery Type: Lithium / Lipo Battery
7. Battery Plug Type: MCPX, Male
8. Charge DC Input Voltage: 9.0V - 17.0V
9. Charge Power Max.: 4.35W x6, ±10%
10. Charge Current: (0.1 - 1.0A) x6, ±10%
11. Charge Indication: LED light & Buzzer
12. Charge Support Battery Port: Micro, MX, mCPX, JST(convertor)
13. Charge Support USB Charge Port: 5V/2.0A
14. Dimensions: 142 x 105 x 68mm
15. Weight: 280g


1. DC XT60 port and DC005 9-17V provides outdoor and indoor two input charge modes
2. Six ports to charge separately, each varies from 0.1-1A
3. Each port set LiPo (4.2V) or LiHv (4.35V) separately
4. Four kinds of battery connectors in each port for 1S battery Micro PH2.0, MX PH1.25, mCPX 5.PH2.0, JST (convertor)
5. LED and buzzer indicate charging status provides more safety charging tips to protect battery
6. USB port (5V/2.1A) for charging iPhone, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.
7. Maximum protection: battery reverse polarity protection, battery over voltage protection and DC input voltage protection

1. Lithium battery for BoldClash BWhoop B03 Pro, B03, E011
2. Lightweight, durable, practical and convenient to use
3. It has longer endurable working time than ordinary battery
4. Provide your RC device with continuous power for smooth and normal performance
5. High capacity and long life span


Package Includes:

6 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x TX Male to XT60 Male
3 x Micro to JST
1 x Battery Ribbon


Q1:What is the input current for P01 ?

A1:Dear customer,

        input power:40W;

        input voltage:9-15V; 

        input current:around 2.6-4.5A.

Q2:How to maintain and charge lipo battery in a most proper way?

A2:Dear customer, Please refer to the following:

    1. Not charge the battery immediately after using. Let the battery rest for 5 minutes before charging. 

    2. Do not reverse the positive and negative pole. Ensure the connection is in place and prevent the battery from burning out caused by short circuit. 

    3. If the battery is expanded, you should replace a new one. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause an explosion.

    4. Use voltage buzzer to test the voltage.

          If the battery is 3.6V voltage, it shows that it is in the state of over discharge, which is easy to be damaged.

          When the battery is not used for a long time, it’s advisable to keep the voltage at 3.8V/ cell.

Study Video for Battery Maintenance and Charging:



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