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By Goberti Zeno
September 7, 2018
PERFEKT ...View All>>
By Goberti Zeno
September 5, 2018
Very nice. Very sturdy. ...View All>>
By Florian Dupoisot
June 2, 2018
Quick delivery et perfect for building à super ligot Tiny woop ...View All>>
March 6, 2018
This frame is very tinny, metarial is very good and nice canopy.Thank you very much BOLDCLASH. ...View All>>
By Roberto Davila
December 27, 2017
great set and love these canopies! ...View All>>
By Antonio Mota Nunes
December 14, 2017
This kit would also be good for a diy 75mm type whoop as I will be doing. ...View All>>
By Adam Geiger
November 27, 2017
These frames are ridiculous I bought this kit when I pre-order the B Whoop and I have to say this frame is rugged I fly mine outside around my 1/4 property I fly it like I stole it and have broken nothing. The canopy is real good at taking impact it feel like it made from the same hard rugged plastic phone cases but a little more rigged and super light weight god for any whoop build and will fit any frame running the stock inductrix board size. This kit would also be good for a diy 75mm type whoop as I will be doing. ...View All>>
By FERRY Laurent
November 24, 2017
Produit fabuleux livraison ultra rapide en France ... Je conseil absolument !!! c'est le top des tiny le b06 !! regardez ma vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p43ml7zZGg ...View All>>
By Andrey Vladimirovich Morenko
November 14, 2017
5 star service - fast and reliable. And the frame itself - JUST WHAT WE NEEDED ALL THAT TIME to make brushless whoop!!! Weight - frame 5.3g, canopy 1.7g. ...View All>>
By fabien Dupuy
November 6, 2017
tiny whoop brushless de 46grs vraiment sympas environ 4 minutes tranquil ...View All>>
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