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By tihomir kopajtic
February 13, 2018
good and fast very nice item on good price. ...View All>>
By Goberti Zeno
February 6, 2018
Nice! ...View All>>
By Kenny Hinkle
February 6, 2018
Good batteries. I get around 3.5 to 4 mins on B03 running the camera/canpoy from Boldclash. ...View All>>
By Dwight Stone
December 11, 2017
I bought these 300mAh batteries and got a nice charger to charge them all at the same time. They last longer than the one included with the B-03. These batteries make this Whoop fly longer than other micros I have. Together they make for a good time. ...View All>>
By kevin wells
December 8, 2017
love this frame its kinda like rubbery very flexible. its hard on props but i would rather change props then frames any day ...View All>>
By kevin wells
December 1, 2017
great batteries they give me about 6 minutes of flight time on my b-03 ...View All>>
By Philippe Lapointe
November 29, 2017
Great ...View All>>
By Holger Naumann
October 13, 2017
Yes, really great batteries. My Silverware flashed BWhoop B-03 runs with the F-02 25mW camera up to 5,5 minutes and then my charger charges them with 300 to 350 mAh. ...View All>>
By wayne couch
September 29, 2017
Great batteries , they run my B-03 pro with 25 mw cam really well. The only real problem is that I want more and they are OUT OF STOCK, PLEASE STOCK MORE OF THESE AND THE 70000 RPM 716 MOTORS ASAP. your losing money lol ...View All>>
By Aleksey Mogilin
September 27, 2017
Work very well ...View All>>
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