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BoldClash Comet V1.0 5.8G FPV Antenna SMA Male 80mm

11.7g/ Omnidirectional Transmitter Antenna/ Suit for FPV Multicopter

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Product Description

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Brilliant Debut! Huge Shock from our COMET!

As a great achievement of BoldClash, COMET is completely designed by engineer engaging RADAR ARRAY. Concise but delicate PCB design, together with solid structure, COMET shows its high strength, superior quality and impact resistance to the fullest! The connector is featured with excellent corrosion resistance, along with pluggable design and low insertion loss. Using specialized dielectric slab, COMET has even and stable dielectric coefficient. Copper silvering surface ensures high conductivity. It owns super power to against any potential damage during operation. The adopted horizontal polarization antenna features greater advantage on FPV gain, better performance on signal transmission and broader operation range. In a word, any detailed part on COMET is absolutely guaranteed either from quality or performance!

Both antennas are omnidirectional antennas. Generally it's recommended that the version without upper cover is used in the aircraft of 120-250 level. And the version with upper cover can cooperate with another flat directional antenna and used in the receiving end of the glasses or screen. If you must use 2 antennas at the receiving end, we recommend that you can place the antenna as follows (2 antennas can have a certain angle), which can better receive the signal.

Comet v1.0.jpg


  • 120-250 level brushless device available, bump-resistant PCB chassis and PP outer shell.
  • 8g ultra lightweight version, without a lid, ease flight weight.
  • PCB chassis and outer shell ensures impact resistance during flight.
  • Suitable for any 5.8G FPV glasses and screen, Optional SMA/PR-SMA plug.
  • Concise PCB design, excellent materials, high conductivity, stable quality.
    • PCB type antenna guarantees quality uniformity.
    • PCB heat resistance up to 288°.
    • Less than 70% PCB waping degree.
    • Coppering & silvering surface for oxidation resistance.
  • Cables integration, stable structure,remarkable microwave performance.
    • RG141 cable with fine material
    • Use arc-welding method.
    • Less than 0.1dB/m signal attenuation.
    • Apply to 0-100GHz.
    • Comet cable material as below:
    • Outer conductor with silvering weave layer.
    • Medium part with PTFE.
    • Inner conductor with silvering brass .
  • Wear-resistant connector, strong corrosion resistance.
    • Pluggable times over 1000.
    • Anti-corrosion.
    • Low insertion loss, 50 ohmic characteristic impedance.


  • Model:Comet V1.0
  • FreqRange:5600-6000MHz
  • Gain:1.5±0.3dBi
  • Pattern roundness:±2.0dB
  • VSWR:≤1.3
  • Impedance:50 Ω
  • polarization Type:H
  • Max. Power:10W
  • Connector:RP-SMA-Male
  • Lightning Protection:Direct Ground
  • Weight(w/o Hood):7.6g;Weight(w/ Hood):11.7g

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimension:Φ30x55 mm
  • Weight:16g
  • Rated Wind Velocity:36.9 m/s
  • Operational Humidity:< 95%
  • Operating temperaturec:-40~55 ℃
  • Radome material:ABS
  • Box Size:70x35x60mm

Package Includes

  • 1 x Antenna (or 2 x Antenna)


Q: Why use the horizontally polarized antenna?

A: Dear customer, during the actual operation of FPV, either distance or angle keeps continual changing.

In terms of these actual operation conditions, we steadily test and come to the conclusion: compared with the omnidirectional antenna of     circular polarization, the horizontal polarization one features greater advantage on FPV gain, better performance on signal transmission and broader operation range.

In addition, when used in pairs, transmit-receive antenna can minimize signal attenuation caused by polarization isolation, and furthest improve the efficacy of transmitting and receiving.


by Jared Clelland on April 15, 2018

A unique antenna. It works both as a directed patch and as a circular armor. The best cost-effective! This is a breakthrough in FPV technologies. I advise everyone this antenna!

by John Keatley on April 07, 2018

This antenna design has proven to be one of the best antenna designs for FPV flying, and this comet improves on that design by integrating a balun to prevent interactions with extension cables or some other part of the system. It is suitable for my drone.

by Blake Nelson on March 30, 2018

This is my second purchase it, really a high standard and cost-effective antenna.

by Curtis Rist on March 22, 2018

Fast shipping, antenna look be nice and work well, which can better receive the signal. Amazing value!

by Ashley Blissit on March 10, 2018

I choose BoldClash comet FPV antenna not only because of angle, but also cheaper than other. Was ready for average performance, impressed by the range and video clarity.

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